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November 6, 2005

the twilight zone

Oh yes, I spent time in another dimension today. First, there was the "arrival" which extended 45 minutes from bus station to doorstep. Then there was chat, coffee, a lost wallet. Calls to the library. The police. Aha! The wallet, there all along! ;-) A car-cleaning. A meandering drive to the Asian Market for lunch. Pre-determined safety zone for clearance through airport security checks - 1:30. After consultation with the map (yikes!), discussion of at least three alternative routes, the addition of a navigator, and an anecdote about getting lost in Boston (I'm calm!): at 1:52, we pull out of the parking spot into a stall zone behind a driver camped out waiting for ... something. My blood pressure to burst a geyser? Nah, I wasn't really stressed, but was it good for conversation or what?!!! Which way are we going? Where are we? Did we miss the airport sign?

I lost a sweet pair of needlenose pliers through security. Plumb forgot I had 'em in the backpack. Had my eye on a "hard hat area" construction sign but couldn't bring myself to the actual act of theft. Could have mailed them to myself for $8 - probably less than it will cost to replace them? - but would have had to exit and re-enter through security all over again . . . such are the trials of travel. According to my good buddy, airline travel ought always be accompanied by the stress they'll taxi down the runway without ya. Memory flash: Took on the tarmac!

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