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October 8, 2005

national minorities

Here is site lists international instruments regarding national minorities. (Most links are dead.) :-(

for instance, the 1998 The Oslo Recommendations regarding the Linguistic Rights of National Minorities.

The Lund Recommendations on the Effective Participation of National Minorities in Public Life 1999

A list of all treaties entered into by the Council or Europe (a different entity, by the way, than the Council of the European Union).

Specific to EuroParl:

Kuijpers Resolution on the languages and cultures of regional and ethnic minorities in the European Community 30 October 1987

Killilea Resolution on linguistic and cultural minorities in the European Community 9 February 1994

Here's a more current report "with recommendations to the Commission on European regional and lesser-used languages – the languages of minorities in the EU – in the context of enlargement and cultural diversity (2003/2057(INI)) Committee on Culture, Youth, Education, the Media and Sport, Rapporteur: Michl Ebner".

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