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July 3, 2005

review: Batman Begins

bicyclemark recommends radiohumper, and the first post I read makes it clear why. Gotta see this one!

He also recommends Ashbloem:

again, such wit! The conversations I've been having with my mom lately have been retrospective, if not downright archeological. Not in the sense of historical (physical, material, environmental, officially documented) archeology but in terms of memories.

I may have to fiddle with Tulvings model distinguishing episodic and semantic memory..."The information in the semantic memory is very consistent as compared to the data in the episodic memory which is constantly changing. There is stable knowledge about the world, such as abstract knowledge, knowledge that is necessary for understanding and using language, knowledge of principles, laws and facts, and knowledge of strategies and heuristics (Lefrancois, 2000)." The premise of 'consistent' (stable? resistant to change?) semantic memory is of course intimately linked to language and discourse.

to read? An Archeology of Home. Mom spent some time growing up on a Kentucky farm - I wonder how many differences there are between the midwest and the south: both are in the bible belt, yes?

Randomly, here's info on the Nipmuc of Western Massachusetts.

Not to mention the fact that I may have a (brain) hemispheric advantage (!) because my dad and borther are both lefties!

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