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May 29, 2005

sgraffiti (more on art nouveau)

Dramed of stained glass last night. :-) And sgraffit, or modern petroglyphs. Saw a frieze I really wanted to take a picture of but hadn´t bought a camera yet: it was in the gymnasium of an Ecole Primaire that was on the art nouveau tour. It said, "Refuge."

"Instead of copying the classical forms of the past, designers turned to nature for inspiration, using the shapes of flowers, plants and insects." This summarizes the architectural movement, which specialized in combining wood, stone, metal and glass.

In addition to the school, the other three stops included: the Comic Strip Library, the Hannon House (also saw the facade of Saint Cyr House), and a restaurant, De Ultieme Hallucinatie.

Here´s an article on the phenomenality of architecture.

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