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December 23, 2004

the last class

not quite the last supper, but then again....there were...how many of us in the class?

Bryan started us with his dream, starring himself as American Speechwriter: the Notetaking, The Nuances, The NOUNS!

He was accused of having an hyperactive imagination. But Stephen was reminded of a book on dreaming by some linguistic anthropologists, surveying anthropological approaches to dreaming. Intriguing! What I found:

The New Anthropology of Dreaming
Dreaming and the Impossible Art of Translation
a blogpost: questioning dreaming which led me to the book that I think (?) might be the one Stephen meant? Although it's not "new" - recently republished though:

Dreaming: Anthropological and Psychological Interpretations

Stephen also waxed poetic about A Nietschean Defense of Democracy: An Experiment in Postmodern Politics by Lawrence J. Hatab. And that American Prospect. He was psyched about the December 2004 issue, but I'm noticing a lot of neat stuff on their Online site. Another recommendation: Eyes Right!

Then we got into the assigned material. This was interspersed with Viveca ranting about Silverstein's need to go to Punctuation Summer Camp.

Hmm, we really did do some scholarly work that day (december 8, 2004), but somehow there aren't so many notes....? %-)

I have a very confusing reference to "metis", and that there is "too much emphasis on phronesis." Phronesis is no problem (well, let's discuss the linked article and then decide, eh?!), but the links I'm finding for Metis have to do with blood quanta and genealogical/cultural heritage. This note was also juxtaposed with AL Sharpton taking on (and taking out) some male Republican (who's name I missed) on Crossfire.

Donna referred to Kerry's campaign team as the "cast of cupcakes."

AH! Some notes from that American Prospect: p. 50 "a difference based approach".

"Why not trade a few visual exclamation points for question marks, make dialogue with opponents more than a sight gag?" p. 51

Noy Thrupkaew: What's Up, Docs? (must be in the December issue of The American Prospect.)

The CHALLENGE: "How advance the democratic? Is "image" in the way? How do we reinvigorate/reintroduce the democratic back into the public sphere?" ~ Stephen

Someone spoke of writing as "a form of engagement; a dance." Get attention in the ways things are set up and then add substance (and I noted, but we must have "substance" WHEN we get the attention!)

Different forms of scaffolding: getting to education, to the media. And then class was done (except for the late night crowd at ABC). We were not joined by ONE, however, who claimed: "I'm too good for the Amherst bars" as she was en route to Target for diapers. Hmph!

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