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November 21, 2004

continuing to procrastinate...

I was looking for another link to What the Bleep and I found a link to a review board that looks pretty interesting: OFFOFFOFFfilm. We'll see if they vet my comment through or not. :-)

Thanks for the neurolinguistic programming part, Brad. John - you seem to be on your own in here! I think the claim that internal changes affect the outside world is exaggerated, but as a first step of getting people to even consider this kind of thinking the movie does some good.

diggindeeper - I appreciate you putting all the background info here too. I'd heard that there was an unnamed organizational affiliation and it's good to have that cleared up. Too many things are promoted without any kind of clarity about who's behind it, to what ends.

I agree the movie made me extremely uncomfortable with its evangelistic tone. But its "honest", I think in its argument. It marshalls facts in a way that is designed to persuade. Its clumsy, yes. But a waste of time? That seems extreme to me.

I think about the concept of interpellation that althusser came up with to describe how institutions condition us...how we come to "recognize" a "calling" into "roles" and certain "ways of living". I think this happens between individuals too - and that's where this movie could have gone (I wish) a lot further. But maybe we lack the language or experience or perceptual abilities to lay this part out yet. But, if I'm being conscious of what I put out as an "invitation" to others, how I "hail" them, AND they are mutually engaged in a similar endeavor, that's when I think the leap from quantum physics to social realities can come into view.

At least, that's what I'm hoping! :-)

Posted by Steph at November 21, 2004 3:10 PM

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