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November 21, 2004

connected & separate knowing

I was thinking about the two movies, Huckabee's and Bleep, and what it is that makes people react so differently to them. Perhaps, its in the way they "structure" the message? Because I did read essentially the same message in both but they are packaged quite differently.

Huckabee's presents a mainly connected knowing view of the world, and Bleep is almost totally separate knowing.

In Huckabee's, the "message" of the movie is discernable only by making "connections" among the variety of disparate, random, meaningless and meaningful incidents occuring in several people's intertwined lives. While the film is framed as a "battle" between two philosophical views - nihilism and infinite interconnection - the way that nihilism and meaningless is portrayed through gaps, breaks, and disjunctures, ultimately serves the purpose of illustrating connection.

In Bleep, the "message" is presented in separate, fully-developed and well-supported "chunks" of "factual information."

And both movies make the point that where you direct your focus matters. If you focus on the gaps - trouble! If you focus on the connections - drama! Actually, connectivity seems to come out with a slightly more positive slant than nihilism (perhaps this is inevitable). It's the interplay between the two that compose life as we know it. Pain comes (from my current stance as a phenomenological expert) from a failure to resolve or productively work with different stances of each party to the encounter. In other words, the stances can be different, but if these differences are unable to be addressed...


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