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July 22, 2004

collapsing wave functions

I'm thinking in parallel. Suppose we replace an electron (at the quantum mechanical level) with a problematic moment (at the discourse level). PMs are like probability waves "[behaving] as though 'it were smeared out over a large region of space'*...[the electron/discourse] puts out temporary 'feelers' towards its own future stability by trying out - all at once - all the possible orbits into which it might eventually settle...in quantum theory these temporary 'feelers' are called virtual transitions" (Zohar, 31-32).

Zohar then quotes David Bohm: "Sometimes permanent (i.e., energy conserving) transitions are called realtransitions, to distinguish them from the so-called virtual transitions, which do not conserve energy and which must therefore reverse before they have gone too far. This terminology is unfortunate, because it implies that virtual transitions have no real effects. on the contrary, they are often of the greatest importance, for a great many physical processes are the result of these so-called virtual transitions" (p. 32, italics in original, Bohm, 1951, p. 415).

Zohar explains an interpretation of quantum theory "that seriously argues that this sort of actualized multiple choice really happens every time there is a point of decision about which way an indeterminate physical process might resolve itself" (italics mine, p. 33). Discourses are not physical (?) but they are certainly indeterminate, and PMs are sharpened points of decision - the resolution of the virtual transitions (infinite possibilities) into a "real" transition is shaped by "'certain requirements for survival in the specific environment'" (Bohm, p. 414, referring to biological mutations, in Zohar, p. 33).

The preceeding discussion falls in a section Zohar calls "Movement." Next up - relationship and consciousness...


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