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July 7, 2004

on borders and boundaries

Reading this amazing book, Where the World Ended: Re-unification and Identity in the German Borderland by Daphne Berdahl.

She quotes Gupta and Ferguson (1992:18): "we want to contend that the notion of borderlands is a more adequate conceptualization of the 'normal' locale of the postmodern subject" (p. 6). Berhdahl continues: "In this view, the borderland is as much a metaphor as a physical space, or what Roger Rouse has called 'an alternative cartography of social space' (1991:9).

"[The borderland] is a site of cultural confrontation, articulation, and, to a large extent, penetration, where struggles over the production of cultural meanings occur in the context of asymmetrical relations between East and West" (Berdahl, p. 9).

While Berdahl is studying a particular and specific geophysical location (the town of Kella), the concepts upon which she founds her analysis could apply to cyberspace and other locations as well.

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