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March 27, 2004

a civil disunion

I left yesterday.

Raz entertained me last night ñ let me beat him at bowling, shared a yummy dinner with me, some beer and talk of ìreligion.î Heís a good friend. Carolyn was waiting up for me (even though I said she oughtnít), and is cooking dinner for us now. Weíre going to have to work things out so sheís not treating me like company all the time, but for today itís sweet. :-)

I just returned from a long walk up Rattlesnake Gutter Road. Beautiful. Met Amy & Kim and their son Miles (and a couple of big dogs) ñ kind people. On the way back, stopped in at the most beautiful garden Iíve ever seen. Michael Mayer (sp?) said heís worked on it for 18 years. I told him it felt holy. He invited me in and I sat for awhile, just soaking up its peace. Soothing.

Am a bit isolated here ñ neither cell phone nor pager gets reception here and I canít connect my laptop to the Internet yet. Itís ok though, sortof like a retreat. Been working steadily on homework (if you donít count the 4 hour nap I took mid-day). In general, itís ok; Iím ok. Yesterday I was quite numb and not too functional but now this new phase of my life has begun and thereís nothing for it but to be here now.

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