Introducing “Communication Dynamics”

Like all good students, they have questions about the introductory slide show. How detailed will the quiz be, do they need to learn every detail, how much they should try to memorize, etc. “It’s all over the place!” one of them exclaimed.

Another liked the game-type set up, the mystery of searching for the links and the fun of clicking … Read more...

I’m always talking to someone, even though I’m alone

Recently I realized (not for the first time) that my emotional state can be more easily agitated when there is no interlocutor.
Recently I realized (not for the first time) that my emotional state can be more easily agitated when there is no interlocutor.

Over 1000 acres of Massachusetts’ Forest to be cut by DCR in 2020

The Department of Conservation and Recreation for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is once again planning several cutting projects. Although the process allows for “public comment,” this is just going-through-the-motions. Based on past history, DCR has no intention of allowing public or scientific feedback to influence their plan. Take, for instance, the Wendell State Forest, where DCR allowed a private … Read more...

Open Letter on Proforestation, to the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs

To:      Secretary Kathleen A. Theoharides, Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs; Claire Miziolek, Decarbonization Roadmap Manager; Hong-Hanh Chu, GWSA Program Manager; Benjamin Miller, Decarbonization Roadmap Technical Lead; and staff of the relevant agencies

CC:      Representative Susannah Whipps; Representative William Pignatelli; Representative Denise Provost; Senator Ann Gobi; Senator Karen Spilka; Senator Jo Comerford; Representative Mindy Domb; Jim Montgomery, Department … Read more...

#030 Interpreting and Team Science

This episode of Structures of Interaction is an excerpt of Steph’s responses to an interview about sign language interpreting with Emily Ayshford, a journalist for the science magazine, Symmetry. Symmetry is a publication for the … Read more...

Whiteness and White Fragility: Can We Be Real?

We’re fresh off the first of a two-part training on Responsible Whiteness.

The goal of “Responsible Whiteness” is to enlarge your perspective on whatever racial dynamics you’re involved in or worried about so that you can access and practice new ways of moving so that the same old problems don’t just keep happening. The way to achieve this enlargement … Read more...

Melissa Etheridge at Tanglewood (selected quotes)

We were three or four songs into Melissa’s set when I asked my girlfriend (of the unique 3-year generation born 1980-1982) how she learned about lesbian music. She explained “probably through Women’s Studies” during her undergrad years.

L: “Mab introduced me. She opened a portal.”

L: “And Elliot followed it up.”

L: “…introduced me to Joan Armatrading…”

Melissa was going …

RID Denies Members Opportunity to Vote on Motion

If you have an immediate negative reaction to the idea of unionizing sign language interpreters, then I would like to ask you—politely, please—to pause for a moment and recognize bias.

Most of us have no idea what it could mean to become a Union. In fact, I am still learning. I’m eager to find up to a dozen … Read more...