a bit of bio

Steph has been steadily increasing the percent of time she spends in relational consciousness since ‘waking up’ in her late twenties. What this means in practical terms is that she’s attuned both to the internal flow of experience and also (at least some of) the external conditions shaping the parameters potentially influencing that internal flow.

There’s also the challenge of language to describe that interplay properly, and of introducing the notion to groups that they can address dynamics constructively.

Thirty-some years on, this is pretty much where Steph lives!

Historically, Steph has done all kinds of stuff, including interpreting in a crazy range of settings, consulting in some unique fields, presenting on all kinds of topics, gleaning juicy tidbits from various sexy trainings, writing, and otherwise engaging in a lifestyle predicated on communication and social change.

Below is a smattering of sites and activities where Steph was involved in one capacity or another.




Dark Ally RedesignbavelversePioneer Valley BiocharCRIDPDF of "Emergency Communications Strategies Report for the Western Massachusetts Homeland Security Advisory Council"Readiness Consulting

Serve DCGallaudet Universityvffcmh-logo2

Grants and Fellowships

Center for International Business Education and Researchwas*isFulbright Fellowship

Invited Presentations

Interpret America’s 4th Annual SummitHeriot WattGhent UniversityVrije University BrusselsRegistry of Interpreters for the Deaf Region V

Action Research Participatory Fieldsites

Center for Gender in Organizations at Simmons College of Managementmini-Bakhtinian conference, University of DelawareDialogue Under Occupation

Professional/Conference WorkshopsRegistry of Interpreters for the DeafRegion2mapRegistry of Interpreters for the Deaf Region 1American Sign Language Teachers Association


Umass Ahmerstunh-manchesterccv

Conference Posters

SMIT - Studies on Media, Information and TelecommunicationScience of Team Science2nd North American Summit on Interpreting

Training and Development Sources

NTL LabsAK Rice Institute

Previous Work Experience

Indiana School for the DeafCIT Conference