Communicating a Future

Collecting Effervescence | Communicating a Future is the first in a series of one act plays.

A blend of art, academics and activism, the debut bilingual performance (American Sign Language and spoken English) weaves a story of future community by linking current events at the global scale with interpersonal actions. Together with a companion chapbook, this living ethnography establishes a reference source in the first four months of 2023 to be used by individuals and groups for joining together and co-creating an international, plurilingual center of calm, joyful cooperation in the midst of apocalyptic change.

Steph’s stand-up “Show and Tell” presentation can be viewed through zoom at 7pm EST on Sunday May 21, 2023.

Registration required. $10

Download the PDF

To order a copy of the limited edition chapbook ($20 + postage):

Missed the Premiere?

Collecting Effervescence | Communicating a Future is available for showings and workshops. Contact Steph via this form.

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