Transcript links for the Parable of the Sower podcast by Adrienne Maree Brown & Toshi Reagon

I started collecting the transcript links for the first season of the O’Parables podcast in one place for those who need or want to read them.

If you’re unfamiliar with Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler (1993), it’s a fictional account of surviving societal breakdown which has uncanny relevance to today. The story spans a journey of three years from 2024-2027, detailing the decisions and actions of a teenage leader and the people she gathers to form community against apocalypse.

Adrienne Maree Brown and Toshi Reagon take us on a weekly chapter-by-chapter analysis with pertinent commentary on how events presented by Butler provide a guide for navigating difficult and challenging times.

Chapter 1 transcript (episode podcast June 22, 2020)

Chapter 2 transcript (episode podcast June 29, 2020)

Chapter 3 transcript (episode podcast July 6, 2020)

Chapter 4 transcript (episode podcast July 13, 2020)

Chapter 5 transcript (episode podcast July 20, 2020)

Chapter 6 transcript (episode podcast July 27, 2020)

Chapter 7 transcript (episode podcast August 3, 2020)

Chapter 8 transcript (episode podcast August 10, 2020)

Chapter 9 transcript (episode podcast August 17, 2020)

Chapter 10 transcript (episode podcast August 24, 2020)

Chapter 11 transcript (episode podcast August 31, 2020)

Chapter 12 transcript (episode podcast September 7, 2020)

Chapter 13 transcript (episode podcast September 14, 2020)

Chapter 14 transcript (episode podcast September 21, 2020)



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