#025 Queer Faith: Grounded


Rev. Lindsey Peterson:

Welcome everyone.

Welcome everyone to Queer Faith. Welcome all of you.

Thank you so much for coming out tonight and for creating this Queer Faith community together. How many of you have been to Queer Faith before? And for how many of you is this your first time at Queer Faith? Great. That’s a good mix.

Queer Faith is not easy faith. It’s wrestled faith. It’s always-questioning faith. It’s like the ways we are always coming out. It’s never entirely settled, always ongoing. It’s a center that always seeks the edges: Faith asking to be Queered.

Queer Faith is you all in this room. It is our ongoing conversations between center and edge, edge and center. Inside out, outside in. It’s our deep understanding of non-binary.

Queer Faith is an insistence that the body is part of the sacred. That imagination is greater than what has been. That queer love and queer identity and queer ways of being in the world have a whole boatload to teach the institutions of church, synagogue, mosque—which have been the standard bearers of this thing called faith.

Queer Faith also insists that queer love and queer identity and queer ways of being in the world, they need not be separate of this thing called faith. It’s just that what faith means needs remaking.

I think of Queer Faith as a small act of radical resistance, and as queerness and faith in the same conversation lovingly held there. Queer Faith resists the reduction of faith to that which is not queer and the reduction of queer to that which does not hold faith. It is an act of resistance by way of integration. It is queerness and faithiness in the same space, insisting that they belong to one another.

We hold queer and faith in the same space tonight, unapologetically, queerly, wholeheartedly, playfully, hopefully.


Recorded after the show on November 14, 2019

Location: The Parlor Room, Northampton, MA

Queer Faith

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