Melissa Etheridge at Tanglewood (selected quotes)

We were three or four songs into Melissa’s set when I asked my girlfriend (of the unique 3-year generation born 1980-1982) how she learned about lesbian music. She explained “probably through Women’s Studies” during her undergrad years.

Sent this tweet 7:37pm, three minutes later we were dancing.

L: “Mab introduced me. She opened a portal.”

L: “And Elliot followed it up.”

L: “…introduced me to Joan Armatrading…”

Melissa was going all out “I want to come over” on this most perfect late summer evening as a couple dozen friends gathered together on the lawn to enjoy her.

L: “…Chris Williamson, Song of the Soul…”

L: “My mom listened to this music!”

L: “I went to Michigan.”

Melissa Etheridge: “…to hell with the consequence!”

L: “…a Pandora station. ‘Holy fuck. This is lesbian music!’”

About this time, someone kicked my lawn chair.


What a great call! Suddenly we were all standing and dancing. A lick of lesbians in the midst of thousands totally getting down to Melissa, just like in the old days. Such laughter and incredible grins! The only thing wrong with it was the failure of the rest of the audience to catch our enthusiasm and join in.

M: “Earth Wind and Fire was better. Everyone was up dancing…snakes were going all around. I’ve never seen Tanglewood like that.”

Melissa played a 90-minute set, maybe more?

I was curious how frequently M attends shows at Tanglewood. She used to come as a teenager because she went to a boarding school nearby, and then this summer “more than ever before. It helps to have friends to go with,” she explained.

Melissa Etheridge: Somebody bring me some water!

I commented on our obvious delight: “We are the coolest group here.”

T: “That’s absolutely right! Everyone else is either jealous or they suck.”

Melissa Etheridge: Come to my window . . . 


ps – new album: The Medicine Show  (2019).

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