007 Mahacanattuck River Walk, Day 7


I’m not great at this time thing, time and timing. It’s day seven of the Water Walk. I think that’s right. I’m trying to finish the blogpost about kind of summarizing the first week. We got to hear the sound of running water a lot. On the day that we went for the 27 mile stretch of the upper, upper Hudson, the Muhheakanatuck. Shoot, Mahacanatuck. I don’t know. I think that’s the right way to say it, but my auditory ability to pick out tones, not so good. Chinese? Norwegian? Tonal languages, identifying birdsong. Anyway, there’s a little bit of running water near where I live, where I spend most of my time. It’s kind of special.

The pressure of the moment, the crisis is building, which means we have to be even more intentional about creating peaceful, nonviolent alternatives that still give people a sense of purpose.

For instance, it is meaningful to join the SacredWater is Life Prayer Walk. Communication can happen and does happen, regardless of whether we’re paying attention or believe, have been convinced by the evidence, whatever it is we rest our knowledge on, or our sense of confidence in the knowledge that we believe, or feel, or think that we have or that we earned, or that we acquired through effort. What if there are parts of it that are flawed and how do you identify that? Face it and change if it’s been dug so deep? Going on the Water Walk can be meditative because you’re walking. So that slows you down a whole lot more than any other mode of transit, and all the other modes of transit are typically preferred because they’re faster. So being on the Water Walk slows you down.

It’s meditative. But Grandmother tells stories and things happen, and you have to figure out this, that and the other thing. So you have to actually negotiate for silence if that’s what you would like or if that’s what’s called for, or discipline yourself to remain silent if someone else needs it. The efforts at healing, at restoration, at any kind of social repair; reparations, actually recognizing and acknowledging the need for reparations, and starting to do the work of figuring out how to implement it.

I think the question is not how much, the question is how, and then in the how, we figure out the engineering of the financial system that makes it work, so that people who currently feel pretty comfortable and can coast right up to the end, don’t commit suicide for all of us. Because they can’t emotionally figure out how to absorb the change.

But I think that kind of creativity is only going to come out of people spending quality time together in some kind of moving meditation. So your body’s engaged, but you’re actually able to bring your awareness to your body, because your body isn’t just moving in service of whatever it is you’re doing, or trying to do, or rushing to get to, or hurrying to get done. So you feel where it’s tight, figure out how to relax and become lighter and more nimble with responses, so that whatever it is that sets something off, you can be quick enough to go, “Oh no, no. I’m not going to go down the usual path. I know where that one leads, not so ideal.”

Would be happy to let it go. I just have to figure out what’s the other thing to do in that moment. But just to have that capacity to interrupt, is a big step and you can only get that if there’s a condition that stretches out your experience of time, so that the other things that occupy your mind, don’t get continually re-stimulated, and so they have a chance to kind of dissipate into the background. They’re not gone. They’re just not defining who you are at this moment. So I go back to the Water Walk tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have the blog post up by then, and we’ll get this event nailed down June 22nd, it looks like.

Yeah, there’s a lot more Walk to 28 day cycle, closing ceremony on July 2nd, event June 22 and maybe something in-between. That’s not quite clear yet, but every day there’s Walking and we love to have Walkers with us. Grandmother especially, would love to have Walkers with her, who are there just to listen. Okay. Not just to listen. They want to help too, but to fit the form of the prayer that most suits Grandmother Carole.

All right. That’s this one.


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