snake in the car (quiz time!)

Amherst, MA

Triple Points for anyone not present – and an equitable consolation prize!

quiz time.jpg
Only four sets of feet open this quiz…it was not a twelve pillow night, although there were more than a few direct hits!
The Innocent One displayed her growth by leaps and bounds. The (nearly always) Late One had his first shock when he saw that the jar was empty: no driving until that sucker was caught! (Not to be confused with the fictional movie, Man in a Car, although a conflation of Man&Snake in a Car might make decent competition with Snakes on a Plane.)
Warning: tea sharing customs vary, bhel.jpgas does etiquette for surprise birthday parties. Age protects one not from the practical joke, but it sure helps the food preparation!

something special.jpg

“Everything vibrates at really low frequencies.” Huh?

Personal favorite: “Someone called the lab and asked for my partner and I said he wasn’t here. ‘There’s another guy,’ he said, ‘but I can’t pronounce his name.‘” (Me either.)

“Let’s not talk about ‘we’ at this point.”


  • Five points each to the first person who correctly identifies all four sets of feet, and both pictured dishes, in order.
  • One point each to the first person who answers the following questions.
  • Five points for each speaker identified in any/all included references.
  • Five points for each explanation of context for any/all included references.
  • All responses must be posted as ‘comments’ to this post.
  • No responses will be revealed for at least 24 hours from email notification.
  • Points will be tallied and posted as a comment within 48 hours from the original email notification.
  • The winner(s) will receive a home-cooked meal from yours truly.

Ready, Set, Go!

  1. Who was even later than me and my erstwhile hosts to the famed Mumbai wedding?
  2. Who’s snores might bring down the house?
  3. Which First Lady is shopping for a dog as spouse of the President of the Indian Student Association?
  4. Whose birthday was it?
  5. Who and what was the issue with that shirt’s cut in the back?
  6. Does someone really eat like a camel?
  7. Who is the perfect stand-in for a working-class driver (in any country)?
  8. Visa? Who needs a visa?
Underwater handshakes, Reflexivity

3 thoughts on “snake in the car (quiz time!)”

  1. Multiple Guess Choices:

  2. I think its unfair for me to answer, since I was there that night. Since you are holding back the posts for 24 hours I will answer anyway.
    Feet from left to right – Usha, Sneha, Smita (slightly far back) and Raja
    Dishes (I should know, I ate it) – Bhel Puri and Vada Pav
    Answers for the Daily double
    1. Raja
    2. yours truly
    3. Kshitij
    4. Ambarish’s mom
    5. Sneha and she wore it front side back.
    6. I think I do
    7. Sourya
    8. You do need a VISA Steph!!!
    The references
    Someone called the lab :-D, Kshitij and refers to his name or rather the fantastic challenges people have to pronounce it correctly.
    The late one – ­čÖé Sarabjeet and the sucker is the snake in his car.
    “Lets not talk about we at this point” – Ambarish on Sarabjeet’s unilateral assumption on them biking together to Marlboro. Btw how did his bike ride go?
    And do we need to bring the 12 pillow night back in reference!!

  3. Shiva wins – obviously and not surprisingly.
    Meanwhile, anyone can play the bonus round, which does bear some relationship to this entry and comments associated with it.
    Who said this, and in what context?
    “Time for a walk in the rain, pal.”

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