“back to the base”

I hope Koen was being prophetic and not just descriptive. It is strange, btw, to be me!

There’s no time, now, to properly process the odd collection of blogable bits that I wish to re-compose, suffice a listing with minimal commentary.
Sunday: I missed the concert but caught up with everyone immediately afterwards. “You have nice friends,” said one about another. Yes. Lucky me! 😉 Eventually we arrived at Den Draak, only Annmarie was missing (and Vee & Vivaldi) or the symmetry would have been perfect. I had no idea where we were going – having left all responsibility for decision-making to others. They could not have known that this last outing arrived to the same location as the first one last fall.
Monday: I will not miss the Belgian bureaucracy! I’d been told I did not need an appointment to de-scribe my registration as a resident, but the woman at the desk tried to tell me to return at 9 am tomorrow morning. “I can’t,” I said, “I’ll be on a plane to the US.” “Then come at 1:30,” she said. Hello? I had to ask for a manager three times before someone intervened and confirmed that they could, in fact, take care of this right now.
Retrieving the historical translation from French to English was much smoother. 🙂 The Little Shop of Translations is the best! “Optimism,” the manager informed me, “is misinformed pessimism.” Not only do they provide high quality translations into and out of all European languages, but they never failed to call out my Americanness in our casual conversations. (I’m gonna miss you!)
Then there was Marsi: “You’re older but I’m bigger.” She promises to threaten me over Skype. We’ll see. We waved each other goodbye for half-a-block, and then Topi and I followed suit….
Antwerp ~ thanks for a tremendous year!

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  1. as you heard today, I have a real life experience that makes it easy to feel empathy for your experience with Belgian bureaucracy 😉
    I was quite surprised how good it can feel just to win this battle. Making the impossible possible (without loosing a sense for reality) – that’s the kind of attitude we need to set up a successful business – and to save our planet 🙂

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