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European Commission

The music track for the promovideo compiled from last year’s event makes me feel like I’m missing a real party!

“I tried to do it from Spanish, and
what I understood I said then in Italian.”

“I didn’t know the difference between interpretation and translation, and
I didn’t know that one is for writing and one is for listening.”

“It’s interesting that everyone can speak his own language, or
at least that there is a large choice of languages.”

“This is the advantage:
that everyone speaks his own language and
is understood by all the others.
And that is really wonderful!”

Interpreter for a Day at the Commission Open Day, 9 May – live streaming from 11:00 till 17:00 CET

Open Day is a great party and a great chance for the staff of the European Commission to tell the general public about what we do – to give the Commission a human face and to reach out to citizens. SCIC staff, and freelance interpreters explain what it is we do behind the walls of the European headquarters and members of the public can try themselves to be Interpreter for a Day (or a few minutes).

I listened to a bunch of kids giving it a go, very cute! ­čÖé

This webcast is interpreted in German, English, French and Dutch by volunteer interpreters from the European Commission. A fifth language will also be available on a rotating basis. 9 May is a fun day. If the language of your choice is not available , please switch to another Channel.

The Directorate-General on Interpretation is pitching their call for interpreters working into English, which is the first video linked in a short list of webcasts I compiled in April.

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