in the end…

Brussels and Strasbourg

Seventy-five Members of the European Parliament (or, in a few instances, their Assistants) expressed interest in talking with me, and I managed to arrange conversations with fifty-five of them. Nearly half of the MEPs spoke with me twice (23/55), and a handful spoke with me three times (5). If I had been able to get off my duff more consistently last fall then the rates of second and third conversations would have been higher. I also was able to talk with a range of administrators and staff – including assistants, political advisers to various secretariats, and functionnaires in other permanent departments of the European Parliament.
Two-thirds of the Members I spoke with are up for re-election. Voting is on the 7th of June.

2 thoughts on “in the end…”

  1. Indeed! I am not complaining. 🙂
    The distribution is pleasingly diverse. (I have to update/confirm the numbers to include the final month.)

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