This will blow your mind! :-)

film pitch
Master’s Thesis

Re-defining Deaf
Ryan Commerson

Ever wondered if abstract concepts can be discussed with signed languages?

    Here’s proof.

Ever suspected Deaf people may not be very smart?

    Find out just how wrong that view is!

The video is forty minutes long, so settle in and plan to give it your full attention. (Ryan suggests gourmet snacks to accompany viewing.)

2 thoughts on “This will blow your mind! :-)”

  1. I want to host a viewing of it, somewhere, sometime soonish (if possible to coordinate schedules).
    It would be a perfect lead-in to the talk I’ll give at Vrije University (Brussels) at the end of April – to which I also plan to invite friends and interested persons…. but maybe I’ll have to settle for a post-talk viewing in May…

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