mehndi (not mehendi)


Does he know where to look to find his name?
mehendi foot.jpg

Does he know he’s supposed to?!
mehendi hands.jpg

“They do this in the south . . .”
mehendi palm.jpg
Fringe benefits:
mehendi back of hand.jpg
mehendi palm.jpg

3 thoughts on “mehndi (not mehendi)”

  1. Mehndi eh! looks nice, guess the event went off well.
    To play a guessing game. The leg and the 2 hands (first 2 pics) is Smita. The last (#5) full palm is you. Now for educated guesses, the palm with small design (#3) is Ambarish and the #4 (the one with the watch) – probably Tejal (not sure of this one though)

  2. Oh heck, did I spell it wrong?! good guessing 🙂
    i understand that you are winning several bets . . . but it seems the third one might be a losing proposition? Although Smita was appearing very un-Amma like in her regal role last night 😉

  3. I am corrected – you are striking out with the gambling! Ah man, I’m disappointed, I’m so used to you being right!
    Ashwin, Puru, and Tejal are pleased that you corrected my spelling: “That’s so typical!” 🙂

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