“we are flying over a cloud” (arrival)

The spokesperson for the transatlantic British Airways flight proudly
announced Finnish, Swedish, French, Portuguese and Arabic as
languages spoken by the flight crew –
welcome to multilingual Europe!

I am being graciously hosted in a flat surrounded by the paintings of Tony Mafia. This afternoon, I passed a Ganesh Festival, and then found classical dancers had taken over the main lobby of Central Station – perhaps it was a waltz? Today was gorgeous: a tad cool in the shade (19 C) but perfect in the sun, and the full moon rose over dinner.

Yesterday, for the first time, I touched London.

Mind the Gap.jpg
Nigham showed me around. 🙂 We took in an exhibit at the Tate Modern, States of Flux.
river festival.jpg
We also enjoyed a (smallish) river festival along the Thames, where we ate, and witnessed an absentee ballot voter campaign for Barack Obama.

While Hurricane Ike crashed into Texas, I recall Mother of Storms and consider the juxtapositions of our time. I am still too jet-lagged to offer more than this pastiche, but
the poignancy of multilayered moments is on my mind.

the papers are full of the hack at CERN.

“A hundred years ago almost every major step forward in science was taken by individuals . . . . [now the work is] shared by groups of scientists.
. . .
The Human Genome Project (HGP) . . . results were available on the internet every night, so that they could be accessed by anyone in the world.”

Adam Hart-Davis
“How Big Science seduced us”
Daily Telegraph, Saturday, September 13, 2008

I do believe we need groups – big ones! – to weave sensibility among the gaps produced by all the challenges that face us.

Note: Blogentry title quote from “On Going to the Airport” by Alain de Botton (On Seeing and Noticing, 2005).

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