Some days are just quiet.
I decided to play tourist and went looking for a museum and a recommended bookshop. I found a church! (Make of it what you will!) Street names here change every few blocks, requiring navigational vigilance.
St. Paulus.jpg
Some time thereafter, I stumbled upon a square, Mechelse Plain, in full preparations for an art opening, featuring the photography of a Belgian artist who died last year, Patrick De Spiegelaere.
Dansen, Tanzania 2003.jpg
A coalition of NGOs hosted the event, Wereldbeelden (World Images). There were some speeches, improv, and then live music. Perhaps folks got to dancing, eventually? It seemed everyone was enjoying mingling. The improv artists promised me a word in English – I suppose I did not wave vigorously enough from the audience but it was a bit tough (!) to gauge timing given my three phrase Dutch vocabulary (“ja,” “nee,” and “dank u”). The audience did provide a few words I could recognize: macaroni, John Lennon, and eyeliner are the ones I recall. 🙂
Belgian NGOs are “debating development” this year, in concert with initiatives agreed upon by the World Social Forum.

Meanwhile, in local development (!), I learned that the school of interpretation and translation here in Antwerp has added Gebarentaal (Flemish Sign Language) to its curriculum. 🙂

mad dash to water.jpg

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