waving my light saber

Robin, Tim, Rachel, and Hari were unaware that we were celebrating an exertion of The Force, accomplished earlier today with the incomparable technical help of Brion.
My first Flash animation was added to Reflexivity, partly building upon an idea implanted by The Lord of the Sky, that I really should try to make my blogwriting more comprehensible – even going so far as to feature a weekly theme or some such. 🙂
Since several friends (four, and one of them twice!) felt compelled (within the same week!) to give me feedback on my blogwriting, I thought to myself,

Self! Take notice!

Meanwhile, intuitions, intimations, and other hints of possible futures suggested this idea of a blog category dedicated to the parts of the dissertation that will never find their way in to the official dissertation, because

a) I will never know enough, by myself, to actually make the case, and
b) my committee’s job is to keep this effort within some bounds of reason.

Nonetheless (because what else is life for?!), I echo Mma Ramotswe:

I have found a feeling; I feel I know something.

3 thoughts on “waving my light saber”

  1. And THAT was precisely the inside joke: probably no one will!
    (Most likely, because overdetermined, and a whole lot of other situational, historical, personal, and every other kind of -al reasons BUT, that does not mean one should cease and desist the effort, oui?)

  2. Aha! So that was the disturbance I felt in The Force that evening… it was the famed Kentian quantamics, surfing past on a custom built van Over Board.
    Universe, take heed – someone is using source code…
    (nice animation!!!)

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