toooooooooobing :-)



~ and it was a blast: beautiful (the Deerfield River below the Shelburne Falls Potholes Dam), with bouyant company (a total of thirteen), only one lost car key. 🙁

Nearly every conceivable delay possible occurred. Nonetheless, spirits stayed high and humor ruled the day. “Can we get on the river and then solve all the problems known to man?” asked Genti while we waited for the last person to visit the restroom before finally heading to the river some 2 1/2 hours after the scheduled departure. The water was sweet, the nicotine thick, the schmoozing delightful. Water monsters tried to nip some derrieres, capsizing was kept to a minimum, rescue proved available when required.
Mishaps continued, more-or-less, throughout the rest of the adventure: a bit of backroads wandering, lengthy provision of a mosquito banquet in which Belgian jokes apparently ruled the day, and a very late dinner – at locations revised and undisclosed. Personally – and I do mean personally, in reflection upon how impatient I would probably have been in days of yore – I was so impressed with the flexibility and grace shown by all. (I know I’m not supposed to be mushy, here. Sorry. Sortof.)


You’ve all taught me so much – about how to live, and about how to be with people. Thanks. 🙂

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  1. Hey Steph, enjoyed your post!
    I had a similar reflexive moment when Alexis and I went whitewater rafting up in Maine a couple of years ago. I wrote up some musings about it here:
    Caveat: Keep in mind this was a couple of years ago, when I still thought of God as a “Him” and had a narrower view of individual human agency than I do today 🙂 The whitewaters have carried me a long way than where I was back then, but it has been a fun ride!

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