Sailing, 2008: Index

A Tale of Steph, the Once-Upon-A-Summer Sailor

3 thoughts on “Sailing, 2008: Index”

  1. Being “fired” was too good for you.
    In olden days, your attitude and comportment before the mast would have led to punishment — you have run upon the “rocks and shoals”.
    I can see from your introspective (and perhaps mutinous) scribbling that you were acting in amanner “treacherously yielding and pusillanimously crying for quarter;” with “scandalous conduct tending to the destruction of good morals” and “suppression of all dissolute and immoral practices”

  2. well steph.. sounds like an absolute adventure, no matter how it ended! where was the Haddie Pierce House? Im a bit confused what state you ended up in.. RI? sounds just charming.
    loved the interspersing (is that a word) of photos throughout this blog. especially the photos used to capture the tensions between you and the cap’n.

  3. Geez, Anonymous, render some more vile disdain, eh? Your interpretation certainly adds drama. :-/
    Indeed, I have chosen – deliberately and with intention to heal – to scribble (mutinously?) about “what happened” although (as another reader commented to me by chat), I did not say exactly what it was that happened. So – I am curious precisely what “conduct before the mast” you condemn?
    For what its worth, I also hold your valorization of the “olden days” in question. I am not much interested in accountability to hierarchies of power enforced by violence. Respect, however, I gave – and continue to give – complete.
    Meanwhile, thanks Amanda ­čÖé The Haddie Pierce House (a fine establishment indeed!) is in Wickford, Rhode Island, which is where I ended up.

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