i think i’m pregnant!

Seriously in vitro, but not with an actual human being (alas), rather with potential for a new hermeneutic.
I started a Facebook group, Interpretation: An Action Learning Set. The membership is not intended to be exclusive although the primary function is mundane: basic written translation of a one page letter into twenty-some languages. If you want to help (do you know any official European Union languages? Know someone who does?), or are interested in spying (!), or otherwise participating in discussions during gestation, please let me know. 🙂
There’s work in the subfield of language ideologies on emergence theory (on the www, brief googling shows many ties to religion; not the angle I’m interested in and yet – the interrelation makes sense – the core principle of procreation is an obvious theological hook). I have much more reading and talking/listening to do, now, in keeping with my main mode of learning. The notion of (having been) impregnated has enabled me to make sense of the seemingly static mode of stasis I’ve been in for days….

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