blind driving (after the proposal, one must produce!)

Did you think I was kidding?! How could anyone possibly chart the contours of conversation transversing the loop of henley, gender disparity of toilet facilities in India, insectology, the xprize, social network etiquette and tipping the hybrid? What neural groove formed in the discussion of a joint investment (Where? Whachusay?) as we hurtled from a hill through a pirate’s den to the launching pad at eastworks? I want a Free Spirit Sphere! No no, a massage account! A well-stocked pond to measure mental health changes over time beginning with adolescent male reading strategies! (Recommendation: one Complaint Storage Room, with an endlessly-repeating tape of a successful escape from Guantanamo Bay.)
See The Fall, Wall-E, remember Matt. Think, fools! No no, that’s depressing, never mind. Let’s get back to the duct of Galini.

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