Captain’s prep (for sailing)

email, June 10

My list is finally showing the end in sight — just the big packing tomorrow, which can’t be done sooner because of the heat. For your entertainment, below is a list of what’s gone into this… The first things aren’t yet done — all the completed ones get a little “done” after them.

Manuka honey
Ace bandages
shampoo bottle
Vaseline emergency bag zippers
load other stuff
major packing, into boat or van
tiller shock cord bracket?
finish sorting food, including cashews
stuff purple sleeping bag
pack all boat cushions — green, throwable
Load boat
lash sail
Find Maine Island Trail guidebook
aluminum piece into van
hairbrush for Steph

Day before:
pack orange fleece
bring blue fleece blanket
money tin
toothbrush salt
toothbrush charger
camera battery charger
pack underwear
Departure morning:
peroxide, irrigation syringe
Things to pack (general)
fishing rod
fishing lures
fishing Tupperware
lobster cooking pot
battery charger
dodger, awnings, blue tarp/rain gear bag
full toilet seat
partial toilet seat
cabin pee bucket (with jug)
Connecticut River guidebook

layout and drill for water fittings, install — done
find mainsheet block — done
Toilet tank chemical — done
install tiller (stainless fender washers) (reattach mainsheet block, do wrapping) — done
install water tank — done
cut off excess tiller bolts — done
reattach mainsheet block — done
clean corrosion from gudgeons — done
reattach mainsheet — done
Spare toilet tank cap — done
Tighten hull/deck bolts — done
cut fabric — done
Interior cushions, and anchor chain, into boat — done
float bags into boat — done
Clean sewing machine — done
Measure computer case — 17 1/4 x 11 1/4 — done
sort out charts — done
put blue tarp in rain gear bag — done
sort out first aid stuff — done
put water shoes altogether in workroom — Steph chooses two pair — done
Organize tool bin (toilet chemical, metal studs, thin out rigging bag) — done
collect blankets (blue zipper, red, small blue), crew sleeping bag — done
Find purple clay, pack this — done
find toilet bags, MP3 stuff — done
set up mosquito netting project — done
batteries in fan, pack fan — done
Fix crew berth cushion — done
flotation bag rearranged — done
propane tank, duct tape — done
buckle in electrical box — done
Find sand spike — done
Spare flat sheet — done
spare pillows into dry bag — done
Measure and cut hundred foot line — done
pack netting — done
whip anchor lines, thin lines — done
cut sunbrella (porthole, solar cooker), black parachute cord — done
open packages — done
flush water tank (Maria) — done
Check tanks under wood bench — done
adjust straps on bow flotation tank — done
load anchors — done
water tank peroxide rinse — done
sew mosquito netting — done
cellophane baking bag — done
find white sail tie — done
caulk dodger attachments — postponed indefinitely (duct tape instead — done)
tape on pocket to catch porthole leaks, pack binder clips with string — done
charge cell phone spare battery — done
boat shoe liners? — declared lost
awning grommets — done
find swing seat — done
look at come along, and van attachment points — done
reflectix pieces for cooler — done
anchor line into canvas bag — done

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