“There will be a rainbow!”

I did not get to see it but the stranger on the street corner in Northampton was convinced. “You heard it here first,” he hollered after me, grinning. The burst of rain came at the conclusion of the Manchester victory over Chelsea in the Champions Cup – the first international soccer event held at Southpoint this year. More stuff was taken, as the Scissor Ceremony trickles to a close.

“What happened to your beautiful hair?” (a former student)

I do catch myself making various habitual gestures, but I do not miss it. 🙂 I do wish I could have been able to be in two places at the same time throughout the party – :-/ – I enjoyed the time spent with people as they sifted through giveaway items and I wanted to be eating, dancing, and carousing with everyone else, too!

The actual cutting was fairly undramatic, no fell swipe, rather a rhythmic, razored progression up the back of my scalp. Commentary from the crowd kept me laughing – thank god I calmed down once I was sitting! Most of the rest of the evening I spent with friends as they selected among giveaway items. Unfortunately, this meant I missed most of the actual party :-/, however I did get to dance with the late-stayers for quite a lengthy turn. I took no blog notes (!); the upcoming photo gallery will have to suffice.

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