my adamantine friends

I woke up to my roomie’s status message (facebook), saying he “can’t wait to mess up Steph’s prospectus defense [today]!”
The Lord of the Skies has already reduced me to tears, I highly recommend this as prep for anyone getting ready to (try to) show some smarts: chicken chicken chicken. (On Saturday, Evil Kachina asked if I’m “smart yet?” Oh dear.)
There are the friends who wish me luck: “Break a leg!” and “Call me after you’re finished and before you are drunk.”
And those who say, “I will adamantly sit in a chair and listen to you adamantly defend your prospectus.”
They’re all good. 🙂

2 thoughts on “my adamantine friends”

  1. ROUGH baby! They were all over me. 🙂 Even though they could certainly perceive I wasn’t exactly having a great time I was able to make several choices about when, where, and what to engage/not engage. In other words, they did their job well, and I did mine well enough.
    More to come, but not until August.

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