An embodied evening (cherry blossoms in bloom!)

Was it two hours of considering pain during John Symons’ lecture on pain and embodiment that heightened the pleasure of good company? I enjoyed the presentation &emdash; learned a lot &emdash; but was hooked by the immediate (initial) framing, hence my question about why continue a course of inquiry that does not bring one into position to engage with other discourses (if such is what one actually seeks) came across as an attack instead of a quest to understand strategic intent. :-/
I missed the caveat that situated the talk outside of the endeavor to join a dialogue with other disciplines; if I had understood the opening apology to be a signal that the conversation would be internal to philosophy I might have been able to ask in such a way as to learn what I sought. Or maybe I would not have been able to formulate a question at all! :-/
After the talk &emdash; well, what a great evening in downtown Boston! I put on my dancing shoes but we never actually arrived to the dance studio for hip hop or popping lessons. (Be warned, “Steph says ‘yes’”!) Instead we drank sake at Shabu Zen (and had one of the most awesome meals I’ve eaten in ages), walked, talked, and sipped tea looking over the Boston Harbor under the nearly full moon with its reflection dancing over calm, rippling waters. Then we walked some more, checked out someone’s totally fancy office (!), and got more sake at Shabu Shabu. Did I mention laughing? 🙂 My car wasn’t even towed!

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