“all your numbers are fabulous”

My (super-secret undercover) Doc seems to believe I will pass the extensive medical examination required by the Fulbright Committee.

even the stool samples were adequate.


(Yes, I followed the directions!)

2 thoughts on ““all your numbers are fabulous””

  1. i was waiting for this..
    aside from tom clancy novels, we dont see much jargon attributed to “double agent” persona.
    actually i think this is a new category in group dynamics, etc..
    where r you going this time? or can you tell ?

  2. LOL
    where am I going, where have I not yet been? or at least not in future time since the past is done and one must move on keep moving on move on move along hurry up and MOOOOOOOve!
    Else how could I stay so incognito?

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