the swirling center

I know its just my peculiar egoism, that brand of juvenile “it’s all about me” self-centeredness, but – come on – it is rather coincidental isn’t it? Top headlines in international news involve Israel and the Palestinians (where I visited last fall) and the bickering of South America’s once-upon-a-time “odd couple” (about which I’ve become interested/involved since the FARC kidnapping of friends of a friend in January).
I just recognize my being as an intersection of so many societal valences….it doesn’t mean any of these largescale dynamics are “about” me or have anything special to do with me (or me with them) – but I feel them. Whatever sensory mechanisms enable such perceptions (explanations range from delusional psychosis to overactive imagination), they compel me. This leaves me with options from active resistance to passive ignoring to casual acknowledgment to proactive engagement. In the old days (read: exuberant immaturity), “choice” was not part of the package. I reacted, sans critical thought or consideration of consequences.

Ana is Free!

Speaking of coincidences….I began writing this yesterday (2008-03-05 14:41:14) and saved it to finish later…the day prior I lent my English (!) to a letter on behalf of Ana and her family to reserve an academic invitation for her even though “at this time we are unable to predict when Ana Maria will be able to continue her promising work in conservation research…To date, we have received no information from her captors, and are thus unable to speculate when she may be released.”
That girl knows a helluva lot more about being “at the center” than I do. All the best wishes to her for a smooth re-entry and redoubled sendings of spirit to Alf.

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