Pi Day

“Pi Day is
a time to honour not just a number and our fascination with it, but also the
essential truth that there are some things
we simply cannot know. We can only get close to knowing.”

This is pretty cool (better than 4-20). 3.14, or 3/14, or March 14 is a day to celebrate the mathematical ratio pi, and is coincidentally Einstein’s birthday. Fortuitious? 🙂

“Pi, more commonly known by the 16th letter of the Greek alphabet, is the most widely-known mathematical constant in the world.”

“While there are many infinitely long numbers in maths, pi is the only one in which an infinitely simple idea – the circle – unfolds into an infinitely complex value.”

“For 3,500 years, humankind has attempted to solve the puzzle of pi, also called “squaring the circle”, calculating the exact ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. However, no matter how hard anyone tries, they find only a new approximation.”

“…pi beckons us on further. Some mathematicians believe that if we could only find some pattern in pi, even some hint that there were more fours than sevens, it could lead to a huge breakthrough in our understanding of the universe.”

“The late physicist Carl Sagan, in his novel Contact, imagined a time when Earth scientists were sufficiently able to unravel enough of pi to find encoded messages from our creators-messages that would allow our primitive race to leap into a greater universal awareness. After all, if you were going to hide a long numeric message in the very fabric of our reality, pi would be a natural place to do it.”

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