Persistence will win the prize

Here is the text of the official statement read around the world on February 4th, this one specific to the protest I attended in Boston.
The banner is from a march in (I think) Bogota.
Free Alf.jpg
The anti-narco-terrorism conversation continues. Can millions of people force change? We may have been disheartened – pacifists worldwide could not stop the war against Iraq, millions organizing against neo-liberal economic policies that keep the disenfranchised down have so far not had much of an impact on eradicating systemic injustice….however the number of wars in the world is down and a larger percentage of people worldwide have moved out of poverty than in any time in history. (See The Economist, The world’s silver lining, January 24, 2008.) However, each time we try to learn new tactics and improve strategies. Each time we gain new friends and allies; each time we strengthen bonds of collaboration. Each and every time we send a message to the wealthy and powerful that our tolerance for being pawns in their games of dominance is lessening.
The especial trick is not to close the vise so tightly that brutal and bloody violent resistance is the only option available to those on the other side. We have to keep squeezing, we have to force restructuring that enables alternative avenues for the expression of human desires, but we have to do it in such a way that we do not allow ourselves to become “them.” We have to do it in such a way that “they” want to become a part of “us.”

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  1. Hi Steph,
    Got your message from Saturday. Sorry I haven’t called yet. I have been busy looking for companies who would be willing to buy my soul for money! I was talking to a prof. yesterday and I told her I was interested in industry jobs…she said, “oh, so you are willing to sell your soul for money”…
    Anyway, hope you are well. Will call soon.

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