a diasynchronic moment?

You tell me. Is it possible? Two institutions and me, all doing our synchronic things – and they merge in a tightly-bounded timespan. I’m writing thank you’s to folks who wrote recommendations and/or gave me feedback on my grant proposal. A contact at the proposed site of research emails concerning progress with authorization for the study. And then an email comes from the granting agency, I’ve passed the first hurdle and will be recommended up.
Is this simply a coincidence of three separate synchronies (two in the US, one in Europe) or does the very fact of their merger in spacetime signal diachronicity?
If so, and I grant this is a huge “if” – it could be that historically the time is right for studying language and interpretation.

Oh come on! Pretend with me!

One thought on “a diasynchronic moment?”

  1. Hi!! Congratulations. I was in the middle of everything when you texted me!!! Hope this come through…I will visit you where ever you go in Europe and you know what happens after that ­čśë
    Love and hugs,

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