2 thoughts on “Ya gotta love capitalism!”

  1. I’m pretty sure if I’d been without food, medicine, clean water, clothing, building supplies, and petrol for months to years, the first thing I’d do is go shopping, too. But then again, I’m just a girl. All we do is shop. Capitalists love us.

  2. Hi A.
    Sorry long delay responding; your comment got trapped in the spam folder, and since I found it…well, you know, life races on.
    My attempt at ironic humor was to highlight how ridiculously afraid we are, a kind of panic about The Other. The Palestinians in Gaza have been severely “othered.” My intent was to emphasize the “reality” of their actual solution/action in response to intolerable conditions, which was such a basic (civilized!) human redress, rather than an explosion of violence which many may have suspected would occur.
    You played on the same kind of blatant stereotyping with women and shopping, eh? Capitalism learned how to target women early – it now tries to reproduce the conditions that keep women shopping while extending those conditions to other aggregated groups.

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