perilously perilously!

We went for a walkie-talkie along the Norwottuck Rail Trail…that is, we slipped and slid along the icy path in order to build our endurance for risk-taking and learn to better appreciate the stretches of life when we’re not either numb or in pain. (Relaxxx!) The complaining game got started early, but only as a reality check on my propensity to plunge too deeply, a necessary caution as I commit moreself (that’s, uh, myself and more combined, he he) to “a different kind of chess.”
After ten minutes of philosophizing, we arrived at a juncture with a (back, dirt) road. My companion opted for the road more traveled. We carried on until finding another woody path without ice, and ventured along several short routes.

bridge not taken.jpg

We continued on, eventually coming to the point of decision – continue deeper into uncertainty (as in, the inability to pinpoint precisely our location, while maintaining a general trust in the destination) or retrace the path (having accomplished half the duration of exercise set as a goal). We agreed to return. Enough, already, for today! ­čÖé Once we hit the icy part again, ouch, someone’s neck got tweaked. ­čÖü Personally, I think its because someone was setting the standard for an academic paper Way Too High, as in St Peter being the only reader – a metaphor which to me indicates equating each act on earth with the ultimate judgment. Not so, I learned. If St. Peter is the only reader, then what is written, howsoever it is read, matters not at all. From complete and total accountability to absolute irrelevance in one metaphor! No wonder someone was so relieved to see that lumberyard signalling the end of the trail!

love that lumberyard!.jpg

And, just in case I’d forgotten that I am not, really, always paying attention, he had to go and make a comment about the hood of my car. Hmmph!
Driving to the supermarket, he then tried to convince me that he had not enjoyed himself at all. He was not emulating the Jerry Seinfeld whining game. To accept this, I would have to recast our entire conversation in the same way this recut re-presents Mary Poppins as Scary Mary.
ps – Hillary is looking good, and she and Barack both remind me of Dr. Martin Luther King: Remaining Awake Through a Revolution.

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