intellectual gnarliness?

According to the Sears Catalog Man, one has to be “gnarly” to live a long life. Besides the fact that my genes do not come from extraordinarily long-living stock, I was informed that I am “too intellectual to be gnarly.” Hmm. The freeonlinedictionary defines gnarly as “having or marked by bends or angles; not straight or aligned.” I am rather far from straight and there have been plenty of bends and angles in my life! Not to mention many many instances of non-alignment, as in reacting out of joint. Point being? I think there is hope! ­čś«
In the midst of Boston yesterday to pick up the Wanokip, I heard Boston on the radio…”It’s been such a long time…” Indeed! What a joy to confirm that the lyrics to this classic rock song from the days of my literal youth still resonate.

That tune was followed by Jackson Browne, another poignant blast from the past: Stay.
That was yesterday. Here is my poetic offering for today ­čÖé

Love Comes With

Trends converge, a trajectory takes shape.
Yesterday’s sun sets on the lake,
Wednesdays were so good!

Embedded – at last – in a web I can feel
Heart set strong on an even keel,
New moons rise full.

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