First Day: Group Dynamics

go slowSMALL.jpg

Mike reached up and patted this sign to remind me to slow down. 🙂 I’d asked the class why I’d gone off on a particular tangent….it related, but I had to pause for a moment, back up, where did I begin? How did I arrive where I was? What was the point?!
I came across the sign near the hallway trashcans on my way to class and I thought it was too perfect to pass up: not for them, for me! I’ve a good feeling about this group, based on how assertive they were during the first and subsequent activities. We laughed a fair amount. And – they took the material seriously. Minds at work. I like.
At some point, they’ll be designing some webpages. In the meantime, I’m using the space to post lesson plans and track our progress.
Any day now, students will start to post their first self-analyses of a decision-making process. They’ve been asked to make a real decision – to attend or not attend a protest in Boston against the FARC who occupy part of Colombia. (FARC is the organization responsible for the kidnapping of friends of a friend – close enough to touch me. I decided to be affected; I decided to care, to act, to do the little that I can do.)

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