not only about the sun :-)

The moon matters, too. ­čÖé
Today is a full moon (99%). “Campus Lady” (whoever she is) says,

“…the Moon, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto will align into the shape of a Pentagram. This is an auspicious time. The Sun is arriving at the same time Pluto makes his grand alignment with the Galactic Center. Jupiter only visits this area every 12 years. And Pluto only shows up every 250 years, and he does not stay long
This alignment is the beginning of a 26,000 cycle. Then you add the Full Moon. This alignment only happens every 6,500 years.”

She exaggerates somewhat – probably using a bit of regression to assume simultaneity.
The coincidence of a full moon and winter solstice is not so rare – on average once every 29 years. The last perfect match was in 1999; the next one will be in 2010 – and then there will not be another one until 2094!

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