The Intuitive Acupuncturist firmly pressed all five of her fingers around my tan t’ien: “You’ve got to feel that you’re connected, because you are!”
Tan t’ien: “refers specifically to the physical center of gravity located in the abdomen three finger widths below and two finger widths behind the navel.” Interestingly, the IA also mentioned the ming men, the location in the small of the back facing the tan t’ien. The ming men

“stands for ‘the door of life‘. Kai Ming Men means open the life door to stay alive. Ming Men as an acupuncture pressure point is located on your spine where is the most concave spot. To open Ming Men refers to convex “the small of the back” and make it bow out.”

Posture is important, with awareness of location within the body: “Ming Men is simply an area where, due to channel confluences, a person may be strengthened or weakened.”
I want to make a contiguous leap, now, between individual centering and group centering. Just as a person needs to balance around their own center of gravity, so do groups. Just as persons need to determine with their own consciousness how to relax into their purpose, groups have to establish some consensual acceptance concerning collective mission and task. I do believe we can do it!

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