Doctor of The Universe

Dr. Maria Claudia Lopez
Dr Lopez.jpg

joins the ranks of distinguished friends who I keep hoping will rub off on me!

I was not able to attend the defense itself. Nicholas managed the laptop cable confusion (“the blue cable,” he had to explain, “plugs in here“). Fortunately it was not necessary to pull the plug on the Committee Member participating via Skype – he was nice enough. Many technical questions, some requiring only a “yes” or a “no.” The entire interrogation was only a quarter-of-an-hour long – obviously they were well satisfied with the written document. I did hear that Maria answered all of the technical questions, except for the ones she was not sure about, to which she succintly explained, “Maybe it would be right.”
ABC was (apparently) inhabited by some of the usual denizens until dinner commenced at Mi Tierra. The guest list exceeded the attempted reservation by half-again as many as we thought! Is she popular or what?!? Linus, Wei, Siny, Cesar, Nicholas, Maria and Ricardo, Dhara, Anuj, Raz, Jamilla and her daughter Laura, Don, Zeynep, Nicole, Laura, me, and the Guest of Honor.
I do not know the story about giraffes. Maybe she rode one when she was a little girl. 🙂

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