six needle treatment

Oh dear. :-/
The “ideal” acupuncture treatment is ONE needle. The idea being that a) the person being treated has clarity about what they need and b) the person providing treatment knows precisely where to tweak the need.
My average is three-four. I’ve one includes the treatments with a combination of brief pokes and static insertions over time, I may have reached or even (?) exceeded six of those minute stabs during one go. But I’ve never been privy to the grand total of SIX (!) needles: both sides of the neck, both feet, and both hands. “I decided to treat both sides today,” said the Intuitive Acupuncturist, “I don’t usually do that.” My issue of the day was r-e-g-u-l-a-r-i-t-y. Seems this matter must be broached from many angles. Simultaneously. 🙂
That, or I have no freaking idea what I “ought” to be focusing on for these treatments. Yikes! 🙂 The upcoming trip to Jerusalem was on my mind (along with various associated potential consequences), my dad’s health (mild stroke last week), family shenanigans in general….oh yes, teaching, writing, researching, staying sane in systems that become more obviously insane the more I learn how to perceive functions, effects, consequences….
Balanced with excitement over the conference presentation, progress in the discourse/dialogue of my students (despite their disgust with the wiki), visions of how to improve both the technical and pedagogical aims of teaching through this combo of online-and-face-to-face, not to mention a possible theme for the spring’s ENG112:

Peace in Our Time?
Rescuing Dialogues from Occupation.

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