shifting scenery and shakespeare

Daniel Kennedy, as the Earl of Warwick, Pistol, and Governor of Harfleur (“doing it with the lights on”) in the American Shakespeare Center’s traveling troupe’s rendition of Henry V, inspired a fall pilgrimage across western Massachusetts.
We had a little trouble getting underway. There was a battle in the Chess War (Romania vs Bhutan, 2007) and a problem with brakefluid. (Can you really use power steering fluid in lieu of brake fluid?!) The promise of pie finally got us moving…(but was it in Box #1 or Box #2?)
After the Northampton stopover,
we got underway. The sky was as amazing as the foliage.
Eventually, we arrived and were treated to Original Staging Practices (universal lighting, eleven actors playing some forty-eight roles – if memory serves, gender obfuscation, a minimal set, actors humanized through mixing street clothes, costumes, and a “pregame” musical show – in this case, “London Calling”). Audience members were also seated on both sides of the stage: our bravest members availed themselves of the opportunity.
The show was a hit. The star regaled us groupies afterwards. We lingered at the Allium Restaurant in Great Barrington as long as we could….alas. Those Aussies are off yet again.

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