erotic and chaotic

“Erotic chaos and chaotic eroticism.” The little green man embellished my summary of Open Secret, performed by the incomparable Wire Monkey.
The chaos of modern living was most marked in the second piece and in the middle of the second act: we are “bodies against steel” intoned various voices as the dancers gyrated and collided with each other, tossing about, torn from embraces, and thrown back at each other by their own as well as external forces. The sheer pleasure of being embodied was on display all evening, the joys of capability bursting against limitations imposed by – in, and through – the aftermath of mass industrialization. Emotion permeated every motion: agonies and ecstasies evoked despite the insistence that “there is no translation.”
“Don’t go back to sleep,” we are implored – both at the beginning and the end of the show.

“The breeze at dawn
has secrets
to tell you…”

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