wake up dreaming

I woke up with this phrase in mind…was it yesterday morning or the day before? My dream life has been so strange, lately. I have made sense of the phenomena as indicative of transition: the dreams of the past few years have done their work, but the dreams of the next phase have not yet taken root. This has been going on for about a month, now. (I kinda wish it would settle!)


I had another deja vu prepping to teach the English writing class – just a blip of text on the computer screen, something I was writing about the week’s lesson plan. “Another” only because it has been quite a long while since I had any, and now I’ve had two deja vu experiences within a few weeks of each other. Possible stimuli for this one are some of the readings Stephen has assigned for the graduate communication course, Language as Action and Performance (this week, Russian formalism and the Prague school of functionalists). Mention of dreams and/or dreaming are explicit in his curriculum for this course…

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